2022 Calendar

Self-guided cleanses

Try our FREE 1-Day Juice Cleanse to reboot quickly at any time. 

Schedule a time to do a 3-Day Juice Cleanse to boost your energy, sleep better, and lose a few pounds. 


The 14-Day Cleanse is a LIVE-GUIDED experience.

We lead the 14-Day Cleanse four times a year (once each season), for Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

Because we have a global community, we lead two seasons each cleanse to accommodate participants living in both the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere.  

The structure of the program (Materials, Daily Routine) remains the same for each season. The Meal Plan, Recipes, and Shopping Lists change from season to season. 

Choose the seasonal meal plan that corresponds to the time of year you will be participating in the cleanse. 

2022 Dates

July 8th - 21st:
Summer (Northern) and Winter (Southern)
(JOIN the July group)

October 7th - 20th:
Fall (Northern) and Spring (Southern)
(Enrollment NOT open yet)


*To get immediate access to all four seasons (and get one season free), purchase the 14-Day Cleanse Bundle.

If you are an existing member, contact us to get a coupon code to upgrade to the all-seasons access pass and apply your original payment towards the bundle to save money.