“I have participated in other detox programs with decent results, but this one is TOTALLY different. The recipes are delicious and there is plenty of food. I fed my family these dishes and they loved them, too. I never felt hungry or deprived and by the end of the two weeks, I had more energy than I’ve had in years! And I lost weight. I tell people about the Decadent Detox every day! It’s the best program out there!”

— JANICE D’ALOIA, Certified Health Coach

“I have failed every other cleanse I’ve ever done. But, the elements, structure, and recipes all make this program fool-proof. I had chronic inflammation, horrible digestion, and lack of appetite, but thanks to the hand-in-hand support, I lost 10 pounds and gained incredible knowledge and deeper awareness around my relationship with food. The flavors of the dishes were out of this world, and the variety kept me excited about what the next meal was going to taste like. Thank you for giving me my health back!”


“I loved The Decadent Detox! It was a challenge for me. But, once I got started it was much easier than I thought because of how the program was set up. Those ladies thought of everything from grocery lists to the pre-cleanse checklists, and the success guide. All of the recipes were easy to follow and delicious. My favorite part in addition to all the yummy food was the support. The video calls and group discussion really made a difference! I’d love to do it all again!”


“I really needed a detox to reboot my system. It was an awesome two weeks.  Challenging, but so rewarding. I felt great, my skin was glowing, and just to complete it was a feeling of accomplishment. There is so much food, and the recipes are amazing. The information, the video calls, and the support for questions was so helpful. I learned so much that I have carried with me after the cleanse. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this. It has helped me make permanent changes to my life.”


“The Decadent Detox is the best cleanse I’ve ever tried. My whole family absolutely loved it. The food was beyond delicious. And, my husband, two sons, and I never felt deprived. The day-by-day guidance was the key that other cleanses are missing. The live support kept us on track and believing we could do it and finish. And I’m so grateful we did. I’ve never had this much energy!”


“The deliciousness of the food and the support in this program is unparalleled. This cleanse improved my gut health and digestion and helped me recover from knee replacement surgery. Tess and Karen will help you, and you’ll find a lot of support with the live community. If you’re uncertain about whether you could participate and complete this- GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it.”


I loved the The Decadent Detox! It’s great to challenge yourself from time to time and doing a 14-day detox was definitely a challenge for me. Once I got started it was much easier than I thought because of how the program was set up by Karen and Tess. Those ladies thought of everything from the pre-cleanse checklist and success guide to grocery lists to make shopping easier. All of the recipes were easy to follow and delicious. This detox got me to open my brand new juicer I received as a gift two years ago! Once I was making juices I wondered why I was so nervous about trying out my new juicer. My favorite part in addition to all the yummy food was all of the support. The video calls and the Facebook group really made a difference! Great job ladies…I’d love to do it all again!


“As a first time cleanser, The Decadent Detox was eye-opening. My body underwent visible physical changes. Toxins were leaving my body through my pores and digestive system. I experienced better sleep, increased energy levels, and I lost weight. I was worried I would feel deprived, but there was SO MUCH food and it was all so delicious! I loved every recipe and looked forward to my fresh foods every day. I’ve even put some of the recipes into the regular rotation at our house. Even during the cleanse, the veggie broth and teas were more than enough — my body knew what to do! Thanks Karen and Tess for the wonderful experience, I can’t wait to cleanse again!”


“The Decadent Detox was a life-changing experience. I realize that I have the power to change the way I feel and to lose weight in just two weeks. This program has so much support: shopping lists, live video calls, archived videos, Facebook discussions, meditations, and the daily journal. The recipes are very easy, and the taste sensations are amazing and over-the-top delicious! The recipes and discussions have so much nutritional information that I have fallen in love with this clean way of eating. Each recipe becomes a new favorite to go to when I’m not on the detox as I learn to enjoy fresh food daily. The information includes wellness practices that have added new healthy habits to my daily routines such as oil pulling, dry brushing, tongue scraping, nasal rinsing, rebounding, and saunas. I am already preparing to dive into the next season with these ladies. Thank you Tess and Karen for creating this empowering journey to vibrant health.”


“This program was such a powerful step toward improving my health and well-being, that I’ve made the choice to continue eating cleanly and mindfully. My energy has increased, I’ve been complimented on my skin and appearance, and although better health was my primary goal, I’m lighter in weight and spirit — ‘icing on the proverbial cake.’ It’s amazing! Karen and Tess have created a comprehensive program with thoughtful and flavorful seasonal menus, thought-provoking guided meditations, and helpful self-care ideas and suggestions that will deliver major dividends toward your journey of better self-care. Oh, and there’s a Facebook group for needed (and welcomed) support. I loved the recipes, and Tess made sure that we would not go hungry (thank you, Tess!) which also gave me the opportunity to share the experience of eating cleanly with my meat ‘n potatoes guy from Texas. Honestly, I so enjoyed myself the first go-round, I’ll be happily (and healthily) joining in for the next cleanse. I’ll see you there!”