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5 Steps To Better Health

Are You...

tired image

Tired or don't have enough energy?


Having touble sleeping?


Experiencing digestive issues?


Finding it difficult to focus and remember things?


Suffering with anxiety or depression?

If you said YES to any of these things, there is something wrong. Your body is crying out for you to change your habits. 

It is time to make better choices. And you can, with just FIVE EASY STEPS... 

About the Authors

Tess Headshot

TESS MASTERS is a cook, lifestyle personality, and author of The Blender Girl, The Blender Girl Smoothies, The Perfect Blend, and The Decadent Detox. Her health tips and recipes have been featured in the L.A Times, Washington Post, InStyle, Real Simple, Prevention, Clean Eating, Vegetarian Times, Yoga Journal, VegNews, the Today show, Home & Family, Fox, and many others. Tess has guided thousands of participants through juice fasts and cleanse programs with amazing results. Follow @theblendergirl  

Karen Headshot

KAREN KIPP is a certified Holistic Health Coach (HHC), reflexologist, and author of The Decadent Detox. She has been coaching clients and facilitating juice fasts and cleanses for over 20 years. Through her private coaching practice and wellness retreats she has helped thousands of people achieve optimal wellness with her knowledge of health and nutrition, and easy practical tips. Follow @thejuicegoddess 

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