Woodland Public Charity


Each year, we chose a charity that shares our values to invest 5% of our profits. For this year, we have chosen Woodland Public Charity as our recipient charity. Woodland began working with communities in Central America in 2002 to address the lack of access to basic needs such as healthcare and safe drinking water. They established community-based participatory programs working closely with the local leaders and families of Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama.

The goal of the program is to facilitate programs in education, health, nutrition, dental care, neonatal care, and provide access to safe drinking water. Many volunteers groups from the U.S., including student nurses and doctors, and a variety of healthcare professionals go to the program sites regularly to provide needed services and train local community leaders to continue developing local programs.

We look forward to sending some of our profits to this amazing charity and we will share with you some of the life-changing programs those donations invest in on this page as they develop. Thank you for helping us to support important charitable programs while you invest in your own health.