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"I'm blown away by the results in two weeks!"

"I’ve done the cleanse twice now, and it was truly life-changing. I came into the detox in a pretty low place. I was having a lot of auto-immune issues. I had a form of long Covid with terrible fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog, muscle aches, joint pain, sciatic pain, and plantar fasciitis. I had gained weight, and I felt sluggish and achy after I ate. I was so uncomfortable in my body that I was ready for something structured to help me feel better. The two weeks are all planned out for you with the meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists. I am blown away by the change in just two weeks! My stress and anxiety decreased, and my mood improved so much, and I felt so much calmer. All of my pain went away, and I was able to sleep through the night. I had so much energy! And, I lost 8 pounds, which I thought was impossible during menopause. This detox started me on a weight loss path. I have now lost 15 pounds, and I have kept the weight off. This program educated me about nutrition, proper hydration, and gut health, and cooking with beautiful seasonal fruits and vegetables. The nourishment of this food, and how it cleansed my body and got rid of the “junk” and inflammation was life-changing. The community is so supportive. The thought of taking care of myself was so foreign to me. I had so much guilt about it. I was so emotional, and getting to know Tess and Karen helped me change my mindset, and get rid of the notion that feeling better was beyond my control. It is amazing how food can heal your body. This experience opened me up to a journey of self care. This is a way of life for me now. I am so grateful. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program. This is the best experience I’ve ever had. I recommend it to everyone."


"These seasonal detoxes have been a regular part of my lifestyle for the last few years, and help me stay on track. When I participated the first time, I was at the highest weight I had been since pregnancy, constantly sluggish, and felt generally awful all the time. My eating habits were out of control and I knew I needed to change things. My body needed a factory reset of sorts.I found everything I was looking for with The Decadent Detox®. I lost 10 pounds, had significant reduction in belly bloat, my energy levels skyrocketed, and I felt really good again. The community that Tess and Karen have built is wonderful. The video calls are fantastic for asking questions, sharing experiences, and getting encouragement. I love having the Facebook group to ask questions and get support when I need it between cleanses. The recipes are loaded with flavor, and are a part of my regular meal planning. Even my family enjoys the food! Thank you."

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"This is the best value for money!"

"I’ve done three seasonal cleanses with these ladies, and I feel great! Every time, I have lost about 5 to 7 pounds, I’m sleeping through the night, my energy soars, and my performance as a pilates and spin instructor just climbs! Tess and Karen are awesome! They meet you wherever you are and help you. I thought I was eating a healthy diet. But, I learned so much about how to eat better to aid my digestion. I suffer from kidney stones, and learning about true hydration was a game changer. I’ve done other detoxes, and I always felt deprived like I was missing out. You don’t feel like that on this one. The meal plan has little sweet treats to satisfy any cravings to get you through. The community is so supportive. If you have a question you put it out there, and get an answer. If you’re on the edge about whether to do this, just do it! You get the BEST value for your money. You get all of these amazing recipes and tools you can use. My kids love all of the food. So, your whole family can get involved. This has really impacted my life.  I’m so thankful I found it!"


"I joined the cleanse because I was feeling pretty crappy for several years with sleep issues, low energy, bloating, and stubborn belly weight I could not lose no matter what diet and exercise I did. They make this cleanse so easy. Everything is planned out with the meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists so you don’t have to think about it. And, the way the program is structured with cooked and then raw foods means you’re not detoxing way too quickly like other juice cleanses I’ve done. The food is beyond amazing which makes it easy to stick with. The portions are big, you have leftovers, and I was never deprived or hungry. I was worried about the time commitment, but the recipes were easy, and I didn’t need to spend more than an hour a day on the prep. The resources and the support is unparalleled. I’ve now completed three cleanses, and I plan on doing these every season. My energy levels are through the roof, I sleep like a baby, my skin is clear, my stomach went down, I don’t have the bloat issue. And, I lost 8 pounds the first time, 5 pounds the second time, and the weight stayed off because, unlike other diets, this is easy to stick with. I use the recipes throughout the year to stay healthy because they’re that good. Join us! It is going to transform your life, You’re going to look good and feel amazing!"

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"We lost 15 and 40 pounds!"

"We’ve done the detox twice so far. It’s our 20th wedding anniversary, and we wanted to get healthy. Luda lost 15 pounds, and Mike lost 40 pounds after trying to lose weight for a long time. The detox gives you two weeks to focus on your own needs and how your body feels, and try new things. Luda loves to cook, and she gets to experiment with new flavors. The recipes are really delicious. We make lots of them outside of the detox, and they help us maintain balance. We tried almost everything that the program offers: juicing, smoothing, meditations, dry brushing, and salt baths. Karen and Tess are wonderful guides. They are so caring and responsive, and create a wonderful community of people. It is a pleasure to be a part of it all. We’ve now become life members to do this on a regular basis because this is a chance to do good things for yourself in a way that is pleasurable. We think you should do it, too!"



"I LOVED this program. Cleanses can be hard and lonely when you’re alone. You just want to give up. The quality of this program and the detail is unparalleled in the wellness industry. Karen and Tess are so supportive, and everybody in the group is there cheering each other on. And, I love the flexible approach. I was traveling, and I still managed to participate and get great results. The process is so simple. As a busy mom and business owner, having everything laid out made it so easy to do. I knew exactly what I had to eat, and the recipes were so amazing. And, there are different recipes each season, so it’s never boring. My family loves the food, and we make lots of recipes outside the cleanse. I totally love this detox. My goal is to do it three times a year moving forward, and I want everyone I know to do it! You just feel so amazing. Thank you for this blueprint to get healthy!"

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"This helped my injuries!"

"I’ve done several cleanses with Tess and Karen, and I am continually impressed with the deliciousness of the food as well as the deep level of support. This cleanse helped my recovery from a knee replacement surgery. Prior to the cleanse, my knee had little resemblance to an actual knee because of post-op swelling. Following the cleanse, most of the swelling disappeared, I could actually see the bones of my knee again, and I had increased range of motion. I have no doubt that the cleanse was responsible for a large part of my recovery. Overall, I felt decreased inflammation in my body, my gut felt “lighter” and less bound up, and my digestion improved. These women are culinary and wellness experts and I am really glad to have found them! The support in the program is unparalleled. Tess & Karen support you throughout the two weeks, and you’ll also find a lot of support in the online community. If you’re uncertain about whether you could complete this, GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it."


"The Decadent Detox® is the best cleanse I’ve ever tried. I’ve never had this much energy! The food was beyond delicious! The meals were simple, fresh, and full of amazing flavors. My whole family loved the recipes, and the portions were so generous that my husband and two boys (who are big eaters) never felt hungry and were totally satisfied with the plant-based dishes. We have put many of the meals on regular rotation in our house. In fact, my meat-eating boys request the vegan tacos every week! The day-to-day personal guidance from Tess and Karen and the support from the group was the key that other cleanses are missing. If we had questions about anything, there was always somebody to help us. I really recommend doing this program. This really helped me and my family get back on track with healthy eating."

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"I’ve done several cycles of this detox and it is just fantastic. I have been a Herbalist for over 26 years and I just wish there had been a program like this that I could have referred my clients to. I am so glad it is now available and I have signed up for life. The Information is jam packed and the recipes are delicious, nutritious and really filling. Tess and Karen offer the very best of support. I will definitely be back for more. See you there!"


"I’ve completed several cycles of The Decadent Detox® over the last two years with the intention of getting healthier and feeling better and losing weight. Karen and Tess introduced me to a whole new way of healthier eating. And, as a result, I feel better than I have ever felt before, and have let go of over 40 pounds! Prior to changing to a more plant-based diet, I was dealing with pain and inflammation in my joints. And, now that’s gone, and I feel great. I’m lighter in step, and I have more energy. And, I don’t have that foggy fuzzy feeling in my brain anymore. I have more clarity of thinking. It’s just an overall great feeling! I hope you’ll join us. It’s a really supportive bunch. You couldn’t ask for a nicer community."

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"The food was really really good!"

"I signed up for The Decadent Detox® because it was recommended by Dr Michelle Robin who I really trust. I'm not much of a cook. but I did it! I was never hungry during the entire cleanse, even during the juice fast. I didn't think eating vegan could keep me so full and so satisfied. But, the food really lived up to the name. It was really really good. Tess and Karen were great facilitators, and they were always available to answer questions via email, the Facebook group, and on the live video calls. I also got great support and ideas from the other members of the group. There were daily emails and meditations which I dearly loved. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm looking forward to joining the next seasonal cleanse!"


"I joined the detox because I had a lot of stress in my body and mind. I love to cook. But, I’ve never prepared 14 days of meals or juices! I was astonished at how excited I was for each meal, and how nourished and satisfied I felt. Previously, I relied a lot on comfort foods, and I wasn’t craving those old foods. I was so surprised at how fantastic my body felt from the shift, and how quickly it happened. And, it was exciting knowing how I was getting my nutrition and energy. I feel such a tremendous impact in my body and my spirit. I no longer depend on caffeine in the morning. I wake up more energized and happier with a clear head. My stress levels are lower, and I feel empowered to make kinder, more informed decisions about how I eat and spend my energy. It was a joy to be part of a community eating the same foods while sharing similar and different experiences. I look forward to joining the program again, and continuing to incorporate best practices into my daily life. I feel liberated and so grateful."

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"I’ve done The Decadent Detox® for four seasons and I love it. Every time I did it I got healthier, I lost weight, I gained mental clarity about what I want to do with my life, I got calmer, and last fall my energy levels spiked to the highest it’s ever been in my entire 66 years of life. The cleanse includes guidance from people who have done this for decades, and there is also a great support group. They lead you into the three days of juice fasting with raw foods. But, if you don’t want to do the juice fast, you can just eat the regular food that is on the meal plan. There is gourmet food with delicious recipes that I enjoyed. This cleanse is really fabulous, and I would highly recommend it."


"As a holistic health coach, I’ve participated in other detox programs with decent results. But, this one is totally different. You never feel hungry or deprived. The recipes are delicious and there is plenty of food. My family love the food, so we can all eat it. The flavors are so good and the food is so satisfying that you are excited to eat each meal. I was impressed with the thought that went into the recipes. Every ingredient served a specific purpose and prepared us for the juice fast days. By the end, I had more energy than I’ve had in years, and also lost weight! Tess and Karen provide wonderful support with the video calls, emails, and Facebook group. The camaraderie of the community is so helpful and keeps us all going. I’ve done numerous cycles now, and I find myself telling people about this nearly every day! It’s the best program out there."

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"I have failed every other cleanse I’ve ever done. But, this one is incredible. The elements, structure, and recipes all make it fool-proof. I had chronic inflammation, horrible digestion, and lack of appetite, but thanks to the hand-in-hand support, I lost 10 pounds and have kept it off, and gained incredible knowledge and deeper awareness around my relationship with food. The flavors of the dishes were out of this world, and the variety kept me excited about what the next meal was going to taste like. I look forward to many more cleanses with you. Thank you for giving me my health back!"


"The Decadent Detox® has been life-changing for me. I have been a member of the community for several years, and have been incorporating these seasonal cleanses into my life. I realize that I have the power to change the way I feel and lose weight in just two weeks. I’m an ethical vegan through yoga practices. But, I needed to learn how to fine-tune my food for cleansing in the most delicious way. And, each new recipe becomes a favorite. The taste sensations are amazing and over-the-top delicious!  The loving support that Tess and Karen give during each cycle is invaluable, and brings me back session after session. Take advantage of the guidance beyond food, and you’ll create life-long healthy practices. Creating a vision board on day 10 is my favorite day of the program. Before joining this program, I was stuck with unwanted weight gain, and was stuck, not sure how to improve things on my own. Now, I understand that the key to excellent health is good digestion and movement. I hope to see you in a cleanse in the near future."

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"This cleanse was just the right self care that I needed. I had some chronic health issues and personal losses, and had gotten off track with eating healthy food. I needed extra help to get me back to the right stuff. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it all. But, I did because I knew I had support from Karen and Tess with the phone calls, and could ask questions and share what was going on. They made themselves available and shared their expertise generously. I could be disciplined because the meals were all laid out and I didn’t have to think about it. Every meal and juice was delicious! I shared the food with my family and they really enjoyed it. The resources on the website really help with self care. The guided meditations helped me slow down and take better care of myself. And, the detox symptoms were actually encouraging because I knew this was really cleaning my body out. This cleanse left me sleeping well, feeling more energetic, thinking more clearly, and 8 pounds lighter! I like that these cleanses happen seasonally, and I’m really excited to start the next one!"


"I joined the program because I needed to lower my cholesterol levels. I was feeling tired, without energy, and I couldn’t sleep. I discovered that food can be healing, and eating the right foods in this program helped me with my health. I felt more energized and happier. The daily habits were really easy and wonderful, and I can still practice them every day like lemon water, and scraping my tongue. The parts of the program that helped me the most were the coaches, the live video calls and the Facebook community. After completing The Decadent Detox I feel really proud of myself because I managed to lower my cholesterol levels by 20 percent! I am now looking forward to joining every season from now and forward. I really encourage you to join The Decadent Detox and try for yourself."

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